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Custom Crush & Wine

Texas Vine Country


FermForge is an extension of your cellar. Our custom crush winery can allow you to easily flex up your capacity or improve your product quality by processing fruit immediately near the vineyards.

FermForge offers press-and-go, enzyme treatment and chilling, primary fermentation, ML fermentation, aging/elevage, blending, oak/adjunct treatment, fruit-based beverages (cider, sangria, etc), and storage services. Use our protocols, or let our skilled staff execute yours. FermForge also stocks 100% Texas bulk wines of the highest quality to help you extend your inventory and perfect your blends. 

Our new equipment, clean facility, and seasoned staff are here for you. We aim to serve with a focus on cleanliness and a location near our vineyards and central to many other vineyards. When you buy from our "in-house" vineyards and use available large format transportation (5-ton bins/20-ton semis), we get the freshest and most cost effective fruit possible for our clients.

Texas Vine Country
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