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About Us

Texas Vine Country

Value Driven Fruit and Wine

We stick to the Texan way around here. We do things big. REAL big. 

Our vineyards are set up to deliver the highest quality at the best price possible. By operating big, we get economies of scale like nobody else can. We run big vineyards, big implements, and big dreams!

Texas Vine Country

Texas Born and Raised

We ride for the Texas brand. Our business is family owned and run right here in Texas. Here at TVC, we aim to press the limit of what Texas Wine means: Bigger, Better, and Bolder.

Good Texans didn't die at the Alamo so we could sip California wine.

Bins of grapes.HEIC
Texas Vine Country

Driven by Results

We stay on the cutting edge of farming vines and making wines, taking the best science and learnings from around the world and applying what makes sense for Texas. We rely on our team leaders with decades of experience. Our focus is on mechanized farming and clean winemaking.

Our Team

Texas Vine Country

Mason Moreland

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Mason oversees operations, sales, and growth at TVC. He loves everything to do with agriculture and perennial crops. When he's not stuck behind the phone/computer or in the vineyard, you can find him with his lovely bride, five beautiful kids, gardening (can plants be an addiction?), or hunting in the Rocky Mountains. He graduated from the Texas Tech College of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources in 2012. His greatest success to date is being a follower of Christ.

Texas Vine Country

Matt Moreland

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Matt is responsible for finance, business development, and acquisitions. He is a proud Texas Tech alumnus having studied Finance and Real Estate at the Rawls College of Business. Since graduating he has started and grown several businesses in Texas, focusing primarily on real estate investing and adjacent services in the real estate space. His background and expertise in underwriting large acquisitions and ground up developments is invaluable when approaching TVC's investments. When he is not working, Matt is spending time with his wife and their three children. They raise chickens, garden, and learn new languages together.

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