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What We Do


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We develop vineyards from the ground up. We focus on mechanized vineyards in Texas. We develop at scale and mechanize to drastically reduce overhead and improve performance

Manage & Facilitate

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We manage our vineyards and facilities with top-flight talent supplemented with world-class expert consultants. Our team brings a depth of broad experience in farming and vineyard management, business improvement and management, real estate investment, and accounting and finance. We use our talent and experience to lower the barriers to entry into the wine and beverage industry.

Return Capital

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Our priority is to be commercial about every decision in an industry full of passion plays. Vineyards aren’t for everyone. We know there are many places to put your money to work. We aren’t in the industry for the love of it (although we do love it!). Our dollars and sweat are invested and we invest for strong returns for the long haul. 

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