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We Make Investing in Wine Real Estate Accessible, Profitable, and Passive.

Our Mission

Principles, People, and Profits

Our mission is to provide long-term returns in the vineyard and wine industry to our investors by developing and operating mechanized wine grape vineyards. We achieve this through our core values:

  • Be ethical stewards of our industry, our people. and our investors' capital

  • Be good people

  • Be commercial about every decision

Our Team

Development and Operations

Meet our vineyard development and management leaders. Our team has a broad set of experience in several fields.


Why Vineyards

Don't Invest In a Passion-Play

Our operational philosophy is not built on romanticism. It revolves around mechanization of nearly every aspect of vineyard operation. Mechanization allows us to:

  • Drastically reduce overhead

  • Push yield-per-acre much higher

  • Maintain or improve fruit quality

  • Outcompete cheap West Coast fruit

Our Brands

Ours brands include vineyards under management as well as other related businesses. Click below to learn more.

Contact Us

Have questions? Check out our FAQ here. Still have questions? Shoot us a note through the form below and we will get back to you ASAP!

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