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Our Team

Mason Moreland

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Mason is responsible for growth, process improvement, and finance/risk management at TVC. His superpower is underwriting unique assets, and his passion is finding overlooked opportunities and seizing them. Though he focuses on the Texas vineyard niche currently, through his career he has worked in residential real estate investing, oil and gas, and environmental consulting. He is a herpetologist and is an alumnus of Texas Tech University. He likes to spend his time with his growing family and doing anything that is challenging!

Rusty Dutton

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Rusty is our Director of Vineyard Management and is responsible for farming operations, overseeing our block managers, vineyard install, harvest teams, and farming strategy. He is one of the most experienced vineyard managers in Texas, owning and operating the first vineyard management company in Texas, Texas Vineyard Management. He takes wisdom from many places, frequently visiting the west coast to collaborate and glean new ideas to implement here. When he isn’t in TVC vineyards, he is spending quality time with his family and farming his own estate vineyard around his home.

Matt Moreland

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Matt is responsible for finance, business development, and acquisitions. He is a licensed Realtor with MVP Realty Group in Texas where he primarily serves investor clients. He graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in finance, concentrating on real estate. He brings a wealth of connections and knowledge from the finance and real estate investment worlds, focusing his underwriting experience and strong moral center to ensure returns for our investors. When he isn’t helping investors, his time is spent being the quintessential family man.