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Our Team

Mason Moreland

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Mason is responsible for growth, process improvement, and finance/risk management at TVC. His superpower is underwriting unique assets, and his passion is finding overlooked opportunities and seizing them. Though he focuses on the Texas vineyard niche currently, through his career he has worked in residential real estate investing, oil and gas, and environmental consulting. He is a herpetologist by training and is an alumnus of Texas Tech University. He likes to spend his time with his growing family of six and doing anything that is challenging! If Mason is not on the phone, in the spreadsheets, or in the vineyard, you can find him backpacking in the mountains of Colorado, working on his garden with any (or all) of his daughters, or volunteering with his local chapter of Knights of Columbus.

Matt Moreland

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Matt is responsible for finance, business development, and acquisitions. He is a graduate of the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech where he studied Finance with a concentration in Real Estate. Since graduating he has started and grown several businesses in Texas, focusing primarily on real estate investing and acting as a real estate agent and consultant for investors looking to build generational wealth. His background and expertise in underwriting multifamily acquisitions and ground up developments is invaluable when approaching vineyard investments and communicating their similarities and differences to investors.

When he is not working on one of his businesses or out in the vineyards, Matt is spending time with his wife and their three daughters. He is passionate about homesteading, polylingualism, and reading as much as he can.

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